District Eye Care Center (DECC)

District Eye Care Center (DECC)

To provide primary eye care service on a regular basis in the districts, DECCs have been established in twelve districts of Gandaki, Dhaulagiri and Karnali zones: four in Karnali, five in Gandaki and three in Dhaulagiri zone. DECCs are typically staffed with one ophthalmic assistant and one support staff.

DECC – Jumla

Established on 1st Shrawan, 2050 B.S. (1993) at Khalanga, the headquarter of the district; DECC – Jumla is the oldest DECC in the program area. This DECC also renders dental services. Since inception, it has provided service to more than 26,009 eye patients and 6,880 dental patients.

DECC – Kalikot

Located in Manma, the district headquarter of Kalikot district, established on April 1996, DECC – Kalikot is another DECC in Karnali zone. This centre has so far provided services to more than 10,624 eye patients and 1,487 dental patients.

DECC – Mugu

DECC – Mugu is another DECC in Karnali zone. This DECC was established on 8th Jestha, 2058 B.S. (2001).

DECC – Humla

DECC – Humla is another DECC in Karnali zone. This DECC was established on 1st Ashoj, 2063 B.S.(2006).

DECC – Baglung

DECC – Baglun is located in Dhaulagiri zone. It was established on 8th Falgun, 2050 B.S (1994). It has so far rendered services to more than 52,599 patients. Periodical surgical clinics are also conducted at this DECC by a team if ophthalmologist and ophthalmic assistants from the HEH.

DECC – Myagdi

DECC – Myagdi is located in Dhaulagiri zone. This DECC was established on 20th Baishakh, 2066 B.S (2009).

DECC – Parbat (Kushma)

DECC – Parbat is another DECC in Dhaulagiri zone which is located in Kushma. This DECC was established on 10th Poush, 2068 B.S (2011).

DECC – Syangja (Waling)

DECC – Syangja is located in Waling. This DECC was established on 4th Poush, 2068 B.S. (2011).

DECC – Tanahun

Established on 9th Baishakh 2070 B.S. (2013), DECC – Tanahun is another DECC located in Gandaki Zone.

DECC – Lamjung

Established on 1st Mangsir 2068 B.S. (2011) in the cooperation with district community hospital, DECC – Lamjung is another eye care centre in Gandaki zone. The centre is housed in the community hospital complex. More than 300,000 people reside in its catchment area. This is the first DECC established in and as a part of the general hospital. It is expected to serve as a model for integration of eye health into general health at the district level.

DECC – Gorkha

The DECC in Gorkha was established on Nepali New Year day, 1st  Baishakh 2061 B.S. (2004) and is being run in cooperation with Lions Club of Gorkha. The population of the catchments area of this DECC is more than 400,000. Since its establishment in mid-April 2004, it has provided services to more than 11,000 patients.

DECC – Kaski (Lekhnath)

Recently established, DECC – Kaski  is located in Lekhnath. This DECC was established on 1st Shrawan, 2072 B.S. (2015).