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Message from Chief Medical Director

Message from Chief Medical Director

Today HEH is on a milestone journey in the life of hospital as it is has crossed two and half decades; 25 years of dedication, commitment and quality services to people living in Karnali, Dhaulagiri and Gandaki. It is my immense pleasure to acknowledge the fruits of collaborative efforts to make HEH outstanding in eye care services delivery in this country. Our Donors have significantly contributed to HEH-activities. It is due to their support HEH has been able to undertake the activities in the most remote places of Nepal and also to equip the hospital with new and advanced machines and run the academics programs at HEH. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Eye Care Foundation, Wild Geese, ORBIS International, Government of Nepal Kadoorie Foundation, Fight for Sight Netherlands, Dooley International Intermed, Indo Nepal Association, Lions Club International, Himalayan Holidays Nepal, Ashtha Project Singapore, RECON Project Nepal, Lions International, Rotary Cub International, Indo Nepal Association, Local partners for their continuing support.

In fact, it is a great challenge and real opportunity for us to show and implement our knowledge, skill and capacity in serving the patient suffering from eye diseases residing in the mountainous and hilly region of Nepal. Despite all challenges and difficulties, HEH has able to establish 11 District Eye Centres and 4 Satellite Clinics. Further, we preparing for the new setup of Ear Service at the hospital premises. I am sure with the expansion of hospital services we will be able to upgrade and provide better services to our patients with the modern technology both in the diagnosis and treatment. I am very much hopeful that with great efforts and dedication of our doctors, staffs, NNJS, Donor and Management team, HEH will develop as a centre of excellence for the comprehensive management of ophthalmic diseases.

Lastly, I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the Chairman and Board members, NNJS, Eye Care Foundation and other donors who has always inspired and supported me to achieve noble goal of Himalaya Eye Hospital. I highly appreciate the support and efforts of all our staffs, management team, supporter donors and well-wishers, without which HEH would not be possible to come this far.

Dr. Indra Man Maharjan
Chief Medical Director
Himalaya Eye Hospital